What to wear for your photoshoot

First of all, think of what style you're going for, and what realistically suits you the best. Whatever you choose, make it a distinct style and colour palette. For a shoot with a number of outfits, why not have a couple of safe options and a couple that are a bit more out there? It's a great idea to dress up in your outfit to check it out, and send an image to matt g (an iPhone shot is fine) and then you can get some feedback before the shoot.

Below is a general guide for shoots - but if you're looking for a different look and want to tear up the rulebook, go for it!

What to wear to your photoshoot
• Think in terms of outfit rather than individual pieces.
• Coordinate colours - don't match them.
• Bring alternatives so the outfit can be mixed and matched.
• Stick to solid colours and subtle patterns.
• As a general rule, the younger you are, the brighter the colours you can get away with.
• Layers and textures can give depth to a shot – an open shirt over a top with a couple of necklaces for example.
• Jewellery can look good but avoid anything too fussy.
• Don't forget shoes! Preferably, each outfit needs a different pair of shoes.
• Props and accessories - a prop can look great and something to hold can make your hands look much more natural. A handbag, a hat, or sunglasses for that beach look. Or bring something personal and interesting.
• Plan all your hairstyles in advance - it may be impractical to change your hair too dramatically on the day, so work out in what order to do your hair.
• For the guys – work out what your facial hair is going to be doing in the shoot in advance. Clean-shaven, 5 o'clock shadow, stubble or a beard - all can look great but anything 'inbetweeny' looks awful. Whatever you choose - make sure you really go for it.
• Don't forget your nails (yes, guys too) - make sure they're clean and trimmed, and painted perfectly to match your outfit(s).

Things to avoid during a photoshoot
• Anything you'll be uncomfortable in.
• Avoid clothes with bold logos.
• Avoid stripes and dots. Despite what you've heard, they won't do you any favours.
• Anything that's prone to being crumpled (unless crumpled is your signature style).
• Tan lines – make sure your outfit doesn't expose an unwanted tan line, particularly men with tan lines across the arms.
• Avoid bright reds, yellows and oranges – they stand out too much and also reflect unwanted colour onto the skin.
• Short sleeves can look awkward - better to have something that exposes the shoulder or ends at the elbow.
• Tight clothes can look great – but be realistic. Too tight looks dreadful.
• Tight clothes before the shoot – tight-fitting clothes can leave marks on the skin for hours.
• Avoid overly glossy make-up – it can be too reflective.
• Mini-skirts. Unless you have absolutely stunning legs, just don't. Trust me.
• Excessive alcohol the night before (or during!) the shoot.
• Big or bloaty meals before the shoot.

Things to bring bring to your photoshoot
• A comb, brush and any other hair accessories you need.
• Make up and make-up remover.
• Spare stockings and tights.
• Lip balm (not a chapstick) to make your lips shiny – this includes the guys.
• A robe to keep warm between shots.
• Music! You might not like mine, so bring a phone or ipod with your photoshoot playlist already loaded.