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January 2018
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mattgphotography into 2018 - Back to basics

Well, that's a wrap for 2017!

Last year was a great one in the studio and out on location and I probably got some of my best shots ever in 2017. The studio and I were both very busy with photoshoots, studio workshops and some other projects ... however ... this didn't leave me a lot of time to just play. You can tell how much creative photography I've been doing by how many posts and photos there are on the mattgphotography Facebook page and, if you've been following the FB page, it's been a bit quiet recently while I've been working on commercial photoshoots.

Back in 2017, I split the websites into GCPhoto The Gold Coast Photography Studio and the mattgphotography website. The GCPhoto website is aimed at "standard" photography while the mattgphotography website is less commercially oriented and is where I put "my stuff", which you might have noticed is a bit confronting to be front and centre on a photography website that sells portrait packages.

Into 2018...
Now that we're in 2018, I'm hoping to get back to basics with my photography and to have a little more time to set up some photoshoots, as well as on location around the Gold Coast, and so there should be more images going up on the mattgphotography website and Facebook pages very soon. I've got a few photoshoots in mind already that are, for the most part, darker, sexier and weirder than before.

Also, this year, I'm going to be concentrating a bit more on music photography (starting today! I have a shoot with a well-known pair of musicians this afternoon) and some of the more out-there lifestyle photography. So if you're a musician, or a bit out there, get in touch!

Oh, and Happy new year! Hope you all have a great 2018!

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