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June 2017
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My favourite shots from the old mattgphotography blog

So this is the new website, which means that the old mattgphotography website blog has disappeared forever! Although I'm pleased with how the new website looks, it's a bit sad that several years worth of blog posts are no more. But never mind, there'll soon be more added to this website. In the meantime, here's a gallery of some of my favourite shots from the old blog.

There's no particular theme here - these are just the shots that I immediately loved and have stayed as my favourites for a while. Some of them aren't technically perfect, but I think that's an important point that is sometimes missed in photography these days (particularly on photography forums on the internet) - does the shot just work? If it does, then the fact that the shot doesn't follow the photographic rulebook doesn't matter in the slightest. If the shot is great, then the shot is great, full stop! Many of the shots are quite stylised, which you may or may not like - photography is very subjective and my style can sometimes be a bit polarising, but I don't think that's a bad thing!

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