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February 2021
Photography blog update by Gold Coast  photographer matt g

...and we're back! The latest updates from mattgphotography

Well, 2020 sucked, but it's over now and I hope you all got through it happy and healthy. Due to the COVID restrictions, there were lots of restrictions on the photoshoots that I could do and live music and events were out, so mattgphotography was effectively closed through most of 2020 while I concentrated on other projects. But, fingers crossed, most of the restrictions have been relaxed and so mattgphotography is back in business!

As well as all the usual available photoshoots, including boudoir photography, music and event photography, and art and lifestyle photoshoots, I've got a number of shoots and projects planned and you'll be seeing those a bit later in the year. I also upgraded some of my photography kit so the quality of my images will be even higher.

Not only has the mattgphotography website been very quiet, but I've been almost completely absent from the usual socials - there's only so many times I can post old photos without losing my will to live. But now it's 2021, and there should be a whole heap of images (and maybe some videos) being posted soon. Most of the action will be here on the matt g photography blog so keep checking in here for the latest news, images and galleries from mattgphotography!

I hope to see you in 2021 so get in touch and let's discuss your photoshoot!

matt g