Snake Glamour Photography

March 2019
Snake Glamour Photography Snake Glamour Photography Snake Glamour Photography Snake Glamour Photography Snake Glamour Photography Glamour Photography in a pool

A glamour photography photoshoot... with a snake.

Model: Zara Jamieson
Snake: Jacqueline
Photographer: matt g
Location: Gold Coast Photography Studio

This gallery is of a photoshoot with one of my favourite models, Zara (you can see a few more of Zara if you look around the matt g photography website) and her snake, Jacqueline, as well as a couple of other shots, including one in the water. I've done photoshoots with snakes a few times before and experience tells me that they don't take instructions very well and do like to hide away from the camera. However, Jacqueline the python is an ex-show-snake and was surprisingly amenable to being handled during the photoshoot in the Gold Coast photography studio and I really like the results. There are a few that are high-key photography (quite bright, almost but not quite overexposed) and some low-key photographs (dark, shadowed and almost but not quite underexposed).

As well as the snake glamour photographs, we also shot some images without the snake (in fact, they were done first as a warm-up before Jacqueline was released from her nice snug box), and to finish, we did a few shots in the pool. The water shots were more of a test run than a real wet photoshoot, but Zara - who I've worked with many times before - was happy to let me experiment with settings and lighting (fortunately, the pool was quite warm!). It was a bit of learning experience for me - I've done lots of wet photoshoots in the sea and the pool using natural light, but this was the first time I'd used proper studio lighting for a wet shoot, so it took a little playing and adjusting, but I like the result and I'm pleased that you can see the reflection in the pool.

matt g