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Welcome to the mattgphotography website. I specialise in beauty, music and lifestyle photography, often with a dark, edgy feel. Take a look at the different galleries and you can see what I'm into and my style.

Photography career and experience

I didn't start in the studio, I started in the laboratory where I learned how to use cameras to take photos of cells. However, in 2011, I took off my lab coat for the last time and became a full-time professional photographer.

Initially based in Sydney, I learnt studio photography on the job in a variety of studios with a number of world-class photographers. I also spent a lot of time shooting live gigs at many of Sydney's live music venues, in particular, The Annandale, where you could usually find me getting up close to the bands and shooting from the side of the stage.

In 2013, we moved up to the Gold Coast where I could set up my own studio. Since then, I've established myself as one of the Gold Coast's most outstanding beauty, music and lifestyle photographers.

Photographic style

I sometimes say that I shoot images, not photographs. What I mean is that my shots tend to be quite stylised and not necessarily what you can see in 'real life'.

My images run towards a somewhat darker style, although I like to shoot high-key once in a while. I use bold shadows and space to emphasise mood and to give the images an edgy feel. Colour doesn't tend to figure too heavily in my photos (although the lack of colour does) and my shots tend to be quite low key, very high key, or sometimes desaturated of colour or black and white.

The stark style of the images lends itself to music shoots and to artistic or alternative modelling photography, which is what I enjoy doing most.

The photography studio

My photography studio is in Tugun at the south end of the Gold Coast. The studio is a well-equipped and versatile space for photoshoots and there is a bathroom and a comfortable place to relax, so photoshoots take place in a comfortable and professional environment. The studio has all the photographic equipment to get some great photographs, as well as an editing suite where I can mix a little Photoshop magic into the images.

Get in touch with matt g now and let's discuss your photoshoot.

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