Music & band photography

Studio and live photography shoots of bands and musicians. matt g is an expert music photographer and will deliver the perfect image to promote your music and your band.

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Musician & band studio photography

Your image is almost as important as your music, so whether it's for promotional material, posters or publication, it's important to get the highest quality images. matt g is an experienced band & music photographer, and we can do a simple shot of the band or a theatrical masterpiece.

The music and band studio photography package is a popular choice for musicians and bands and will give you the shots you need to promote your band.

Band Photography Packages

Live music & band photography

When's the best time to get a photo of a musician? When they're playing. Whether it's a local pub gig or a sell-out stadium. matt g is an expert in live and low-light photography, and will get that killer shot that sums up what you do.

The live music and band photography packages are tailored to your music so that the images complement how you sound. The live music and band photography packages are suitable for small and large venues, and can include behind the scenes candid shots if required.

Live Music Photography Packages

Music artwork photography

The very highest quality photography for album and single artwork, whether it's on a CD, iTunes or even an LP.

The music artwork photography package includes extensive planning with matt g and the studio to ensure that every element of your artwork is perfect. Additional graphic design and lettering can be included if required.

The images are supplied with the extensive usage rights that you'll need to sell your music.

Music Artwork Photography Packages